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Declaration of Love Bronze Sculpture

$300.00 USD $1,800.00 USD

This Sculpture is the true definition of true love. This man is declaring all his love for his woman on his knees, while she standing front with her eyes closed and her hands are placed over his chest right above his heart. He grabs onto her arms to let her feel the purity of his words and how his heart beats because of her, All he wants to show her is how deep in love he is with her, and as he tells her she listens with open ears and an open heart. She is very much in love with him too and all she ever wanted was to know the feeling kept inside of his heart for her.

This Sculpture was cast using the ancient old Lost Wax Method stained in brown patina finish for preservation and mounted atop a marble base.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 13 X Width 10 inches.

Weight: 15 LBS.