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The Capitoline Wolf Bronze Statue on Marble Base Sculpture

$700.00 USD $2,199.00 USD

The Statue it self is a two toned patina, dark and with an antique rustic green accentuating the detail and mimicking an aged effect. It is of she wolf in a standing position over the twin brothers. She stands firm and has intricate detailing of a thicker mane around her neck and down her spine. Her ribs are accentuated and her ears are upright. She protects the boys with her body and shields them from harm. One boy sits with his palms up under her breasts, his mouth just under her nipple.

The other kneels and also has his palms facing upwards. They both seem to rejoice in the fact that they are being given nourishment. The Sculpture rests on a square slab of Bronze.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 16 X Width 23 inches.

Weight: 40 LBS.