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Horse Clock Bronco Sculpture

$500.00 USD $3,000.00 USD

This clock depicts the life of the American cowboy. Horses were essential to everyday life and breaking horses was a difficult, but necessary chore. This classic struggle between man and beast is the one of the most recognized Bronze Statues in the world and one of very few originals is in the Oval Office of the White house. This Bronze and compare it to anything out there and the wrinkles in the shirt, the smooth saddle bags that look so real they look like should move. Please Notice how the patina is applied in variations of rich dark brown.

The warmth and character of this Bronze clock will grace any decor. It has a substantial weight, and is attractive from all angles. Bronze is the most popular of all high end art metals and carries a status higher than pewter, brass, or aluminum.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 13 X Width 14 inches.

Weight: 15 LBS.