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Charging Bull After Comolera Bronze Sculpture

$550.00 USD $1,659.00 USD

This breathtaking piece is made of solid Bronze. The artist went the extra mile to enhance the Sculpture by combining a polished patina finish to define the strength of the creature. Featuring recasts of hundreds of significant Bronzes. Practicing in the same manner of the old world masters, with devotion to quality, fidelity and detail. Recasts may be made from originals, reproductions or Sculptured after paintings. Our skillful artisans take pride in casting the best foundry Bronze. There simply is no better way to create artwork in Bronze that faithfully reproduces the original object. The lost wax process has long been the preferred method of casting Bronze Sculptures for the finest museums, galleries and premier collections across the globe.

Setting the standard in hand cast Bronzes in the superior Lost Wax Process. Clay to wax to Bronze the lost wax process is a method for changing a Sculpture made of soft clay into a harder material such as Bronze, which captures the most minute detail of the work. 

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 11 X Width 18 inches.

Weight: 30 LBS.