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Belly Dancer Bronze Sculpture

$500.00 USD $1,599.00 USD

She smiles and lifts her skirt up high as she dances the night away. She bends forward and lifts her leg as her small hard nipples poke out from her top. Her top is made a material with a textured surface and is barely being held up by a beaded neck tie. She is barefoot and carefree of her exposure. Her short hair is held back by an interesting head piece in the shape of a bird with a bead dangling from the middle and beads wrapping around her head. She has arm bands with studded accents and her skirt is held in place by a belt with a floral imprint. As she lifts her leg up high she pulls her skirt out to the side creating a gorgeous caption of still flowing motion.

The Sculpture was casted using the Lost Wax Method and has a brown patina.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 20 X Width 10 inches.

Weight: 22 LBS.